Benefits of ITIL

* Ensuring the quality of services delivered matches business expectations. Achieved by negotiating, agreeing, monitoring and reporting on service levels with the business. Expectation setting also has the effect of reducing short-notice requests for changes from the business.

* Changing the culture of the IT organisation to that of a customer service focus that is priority-based and uses a process-driven approach leading to consistent and predictable levels of support rather than operating solely on technology expertise and relying on "heroic acts" and dedication by staff to deliver good service. Move from fire-fighting to control.

* Less duplication of work and hence improved efficiency and productivity of support staff. With ITIL everything that happens on the IT infrastructure is logged: resolutions to incidents and problems are documented and are re-used rather than needing to be solved repeatedly.

* Improved manageability of IT changes (h/w and software upgrades and new services as well as resolutions to problems) leading to less disruption caused by changes causing incidents and problems.

* Less reliance on key, members of IT staff from adopting a process-based approach and using a databases to capture knowledge. Small organisations are particularly susceptible to a key member of IT staff leaving.

TIL Courses

We run a curriculum of ITIL courses from Foundation, to Manager including 3 day Practitioner courses in Gibraltar as certified courses with certified trainers.

There are 3 Levels to ITIL; Foundation, Practitioner and Management level.

Foundation Level
Foundation is (as the name suggests) the basic level but is very useful for all those who would use the ITIL Process on a day to day basis as it explains why and how it is used.

Practioner Level
The Practitioner level is a mid way point between the full management certificate and the foundation. It is designed for those in charge of specific area's - such as help desk. It takes specific modules of the Management Certificate (such as help desk and Incident management) and concentrates on them. It is particularly useful for those who need to extend they knowledge beyond the Foundation Level but for whom the Management certificate would be overkill. Delegates must have obtained their Foundation Certificate before attending the Practitioner course.

Manager Level
The Full Management Certificate is for those who are in charge of the ITIL implementation / process in the IT department. It covers all aspects of the ITIL Curriculum. Delegates must have obtained their Foundation Certificate before attending the Service Support and Service Delivery courses.