Internet & Computing Core Certification

Basic computer and Internet skills are increasingly being considered prerequisites for employment and career advancement. Employers face a large challenge in determining how well their employees can utilize technology to help them succeed in their responsibilities. Not only are they searching for ways to benchmark the skills of their employees, but they are also seeking ways to gauge skills of potential new hires to reduce the associated risks.

As the world's first global certification for digital literacy, the Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC3) solves this problem by helping recruit highly-skilled, motivated employees with necessary computer skills to succeed. Through training and certiÞcation, IC3 also helps existing employees become more conÞdent with improved computer and Internet skills.

We often assume that people already have basic computer skills because of increasing exposure to computers in society. But the fact remains exposure to computers does not equal understanding.

Have you ever worked with an employee who is a whiz at word processing, but loses files because he or she doesn't understand basic file management? Or how about an employee who confidently surfs the Web, but has no idea what the word "network" means? IC3 incorporates training to educate and prepare employees with broad, contextual knowledge and practical skills. Then, IC3 helps them excel in a digital world by certifying their knowledge through globally-recognized certification testing.

Hire People With The Skills Needed For Success!

Most job candidates have previous exposure to computers in one way or another and may be able to perform many tasks on a computer, but how can you determine their practical and applicable computing knowledge?

Do they have the skills needed to be successful?

Rather than risk relying on a job candidates assertion, IC3 helps employers validate computing knowledge and skills by:

    *    Providing a global, standardized, and unbiased measurement criteria.
    *    Establishing a minimum competency standard.
    *    Demonstrating computer literacy.